Monday, October 20, 2008

Migration Update - Day 4

The weather has continued to hamper the progress of the migration. After a whopping 5 miles in the first day, the crew has been unable to move past the first stopover. Hopefully things will clear up soon so they can be on their way.

I was reading a little this morning, Liz Condie, who is a member of the crew posted on the field notes at Operation Migration about the genealogy of the 14 chicks in the three coherts.

The Eastern Migratory Whooping Crane Population

#824 is one of the chicks born to captive parents at Patuxent WRC . In fact, her parents #1127 & 1154 have had chicks in each ultralight migration since 2001. #823 is her sister, but is not listed as being with the ultralight group.

#805, 806, 810 and 811 were rescued from abandoned nests at Necedah Wildlife Refuge. All 11 of the nests were abandoned by their parents this year. The rescued eggs were transported to Patuxent to be hatched. #810, as mentioned in previous blogs was an agressive bird and would not socialize at all. In fact, he killed one other young crane and wounded #811, taking her out of the program. She will be OK, but will be at a Zoo. #810 was given a chance to learn and eventually was also taken out of the program as he was not trustworthy. Because of #810, including him, a total of 4 birds were subtracted from the original 18. It will be interesting to see how he ends up.

Another interesting chart I found was a Whooping Crane Population Chart. Shows all the birds in the wild, as well as captivity.

Hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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