Friday, January 9, 2009

Whooping Crane Migration Update

The migration was halted over the Christmas Holidays - mostly due to weather and more weather on the way. Upon returning they were able to fly and made their way to Clinton, Al where they have been grounded for the past nine day!!!

Today, they flew and had all kinds of problems, from the anticipated destination not working out, to finding a new troubles in the air resulting in seven birds reaching the stopover and the other seven in a field where they are awating the ground crew with crates to take them the extra few miles. More reports later.

I wanted to also mention that #810 - remember him? Old "Good Luck"!!! They had to release him at the Necedah Wildlife Refuge as he could not be assimiliated into the flock making the miration with the ultralights. He made it to Florida along with 5 seasoned cranes who had made the trip several times. I was glad to hear that he was ok as I have become quite fond of him!! LOL.

Here's the new migration map - they are hoping to get all cranes, crew and equipment settled in Lowndes County, Al tonight.

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